Against War & Fascism

Usually, when I travel by car, I like to avoid the highways in order to discover the hinterlands. On this journey, I got lost in the small villages along the border. I stopped in one of the villages for a coffee and a bite before crossing the border to Germany.

I connected my smartphone to Wi-Fi, and then searched the name of the town “Braunau am Inn” just to check if there
was any interesting sights to visit. I then discovered that it was the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.
I located his home to find that it has been converted into a nursery for disabled children. At the door stood a memorial stone with the inscription: “For Peace, Freedom and Democracy. Never Again Fascism. Millions of Dead Remind [us].”


Juin 2008

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Did you know...

- The oldest zoo in the world is the Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, founded in 1752.

- Founded in 803 under the name of St. Peter Stiftskeller, Haslauer is the oldest tavern / restaurant in the world still active and the oldest company in Europe.

- The sewing machine was invented in 1818 by Josef Madersperger, an Austrian.

- Austria is the only country in the European Union who is not a member of NATO.

- Austria has given the world many famous classical music composers, including Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Liszt, J. Strauss, Mahler and Bruckner.

- The founder of "Porsche", the manufacturer of German sports cars, is the Austrian Ferdinand Porsche. He also designed the Volkswagen (the "people's car").

- The Krimml Falls (Krimmler Wasserfalle) in Salzburg, is the highest waterfalls in Europe at 380 meters high.

Braunau am Inn
Braunau am Inn
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