An important person, a good friend! He helped to design this website and the one before (which has been taken down)... We spent so much time thinking and exploring ideas around some delicious goat cheese salad in Melbourne.

The DJ and French teacher! Still remember the day we met in Melbourne while working in hospitality and I was cursing the supervisor... A deep friendship ensued. Thanks to you and your mum for helping in the French section amigo.


Mi amiga! My French tutor and my good friend from Belgium. She's been checking my French for the stories and interviews. I miss you a lot and hope to see you really soon! Remember that giving directions is cheating :)

Mister Trilingual: English, French and Chinese! My old mate from Melbourne with whom I started my website around a cup of Chai latte and honey in his room. He's been translating and checking through the English. Many thanks mate!