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The Comfort of Exile

Croatia makes me feel comfortable and relaxed with each visit, even though the country is more than 900 miles away from home.

And on the contrary, to enjoy its beautiful scenery, it is best to avoid the summer season.

My last visit was spent exclusively on uninhabited islands along Zadar, just like Robinson Crusoe or the child in the philosophical tale Hayy Ibn Yaqzan by Ibn Tufail. Neither forced nor intentionally planned, rather, it happened spontaneously when I was invited to confine myself to further acquisition of knowledge and self-realization through - none other than - books.

This opened my eyes to the concept of exile. 

Many times


Did you know...

- The oldest communal theatre in Europe was built in Hvar in the year 1612.


- The smallest cathedral in the world is said to be located in Nin, near Zadar.


- Croatia's currency, kuna, was named after a small agile animal with brown fur, marten in English, based on the use of marten pelts as units of value in medieval trading.


- that Croatia is the homeland of the famous merchant traveler Marco Polo?


- ...of Croatia’s 1000+ islands, 66 are inhabited


- Great Croatian inventions include the first tested parachute and the necktie. Originally worn by Croat soldiers, they were adopted by the French army in the 17th Century and soon became fashionable.


- From 1358 until its capture by Napoleon in 1808, the walled city of Dubrovnik was the centre of a city-state known as the Republic of Ragusa.

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