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Going Back in Time

Up till now, Denmark remains as the coldest country I've ever been to. Freshly arrived with my father in the month of February where we had been blessed with 15°c in Porto, the jolt was awful. Even though the temperature was not negative, the cold wind from the North Pole made us feel as if it was -50°c.

We sought relief from the cold in the neighborhood of Christiana. This is the best place to understand what my grandparents experienced during the 60s and 70s. My father felt thirty years younger and I felt as if I had traveled back in time, just like how we always wanted to share the same youth experiences together in our childhood dreams.

February 2006


Did you know...

- The flag of Denmark, Dannebrog, is the oldest state flag in the world in continuous use by an independent nation. It was adopted in 1219.

- The average height of the country above sea level is only 31 meters and the highest point is Møllehøj at 170.86 meters.

 - In 2008, the World Audit ranked Denmark as the most democratic and least corrupt in the world state. He was also second for the freedom of the press.

- In the ninth and tenth centuries, the Danish Vikings invaded and settled in many coastal regions of Western Europe and North Africa. They founded the Danelaw in the north of England and have been granted the duchy of Normandy (named after the Northmen) by the king of France.

- The Danish prince Hamlet, the famous fictionel Shakespearean character, was inspired by the ancient myth of the Danish Viking AMLED Capacitance Prince of Jutland.

- The famous toy manufacturer Lego is Danish.

Jean Nouvel
The Little Mermaid
Royal Palace
Customized car with my name on it :)
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