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Salomon Islands




The Oz Resort


It’s one thing to be assigned to a flight packed full of noisy tourists, but it’s another when their crying children tagged along.

Amidst the chaos right before taking off from Melbourne airport, I cringed in my seat. Images of a public Spanish coast haunted me throughout my flight, and the moment I sat foot in Nadi, these fears materialized.


After 10 months in Australia, I’d rewarded myself with a well-deserved break in Fiji. And my first priority was to find a haven of peace and tranquility amongst the beautiful white sand beaches and seabed.

So before arriving at Sevu’s hostel, I went through Mantaray Island and snorkeled with the majestic manta rays, in between relaxation and diving.



June 2012

Did you know...

- Fijians are very friendly and hospitable people. There was a time in the past, though, when Fijians practiced cannibalism as part of a war tradition.

- The Queen of England has the title of Paramount Chief of the Great Council of Chiefs of Fiji. Her image is included in colorful banknotes and coins in the country.

- If you intend to visit the local villages, you should remember that only the chiefs of these villages are allowed to wear hats and sunglasses.

- Fiji is located right on the International Date Line. In Taveuni, there is a spot where you can stand with one foot in the current date and your other foot in the previous date.

hammock time
Octopus bay
hammock time II
un sourire
blue lagoon
Sunday at the church




I stayed for 4 days in the "Bay of Plenty" hostel in the islands of Yasawas seeking calm and encounters with locals. The owner of this establishment was a pretty interesting character, with traits close to some patterns typically found in a European profile.

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