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Serendipity strikes again.  I got to Riga on the eve of the Go Blonde Festival.

The festival gathers blondes dressed in pink from all around the world on a parade to promote the city, along with other activities aligned with the festival theme.
Obviously we were not spared from the blonde jokes going around, and even the blondes enjoyed laughing at them.
There were not many people attending for this first festival, but I could already imagine the future years’ and the number of men along the parade.

July 2009


Did you know...

- The name Lativa, or Latvija, comes from the Baltic tribe of the Latgaliansbelieved to have settled in the area in 500-600 AD.


- Most people in this country follow the Protestant religion except for the southeastern region of Latgalia, where most of the people are Roman Catholics.


- Latvia is one of three countries known as the Baltic States along with Estonia and Lithuania. Latvia is also known as Lettland, named after the Letts or Lettish people.


- Latvia experiences 4 distinct seasons. The summers are very hot; autumn is windy and rainy, very cold and snowy in winter and sunny in spring.


- The natural resources are limestone, peat, dolomite and hydropower, amber, wood and arable land.

The Blonde Parade
Go Blonde
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