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The Magic of Snow

Spending a week in Lithuania was not quite enough. I had just enough time to visit some friends in Kaunas, then headed toward the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. My enthusiasm was abruptly stopped short by the snow that December. My car got stuck in the snow and I ended up spending the night in there with a friend, waiting for help on the edge of the highway until the next day.

Then a change of
plans, and I headed to the capital where I met a lovely couple. The husband appreciated architecture and cycling, and insisted on showing me the University of Vilnius which has an untouched architecture since founded in 1579. It was the first time I visited a building on a tour at midnight. Equipped only with a flashlight, we had the chance to see the entire university including parts which my guide never had the opportunity to see. It was a truly magical moment.

December 2009


Did you know...

- The traditional dish of Shrove Tuesday is pancakes.


- Imagine that Christmas Eve dinner has finished. Everyone leaves the table, but the food is left to stand overnight because The spirits of dead relatives or loved ones will visit the home during the night and eat.


- 12 different dishes should be served for the traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve dinner.


- Poland and Lithuania were in a "dynastic union" with from 1386-1569.


- Kernavë was Lithuania's first historical capital. The town was first mentioned in 1279, when it was besieged by Teutonic Knights.


- The Soviet Union recognise Lithuanian independence in 1991.

University of Vilnius
The happy republic!
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