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Artist, musician & filmmaker... We met in Melbourne and lived in the same warehouse!


Artist, musician & trilingual... from Melbourne, we lived in the same warehouse too!

Artist, musician & designer... In Melbourne we shared the same room for a while!


Film director. We've met in Myanmar then met again in Korea to make a video about Seoul. Good mate!

Artist who focuses on visual artifacts created by various computer programs...

Artist, illustrator from Busan. She is drawing what she sees on the road with a great talent.


Outdoor type, adventurous & English teacher. She produces videos about events happening in Japan!

Video artist. One of the best artist ever met. I like her subjects and technique.

He is building a new way of life in the country side of Japan by relying on organic farming.

She is the sweetest traveler met. Always up for any destination around the world!

Avid traveler and good photographer! She is planning for a long trip around Asia!


DJ, French teacher & musician. Listen to some good mix!



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