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New Zealand



Salomon Islands


New Zealand

In Two Steps


I uncovered two very different experiences between two seasons on two very distinct islands.

But certainly the South Island is by far my favorite, less populated and wilder than its counterpart in the north.

The trip to North Island was completed between New Caledonia and the Cook Islands in July.


I took a well-deserved break from work for my first trip since arriving in Australia. My two workmates, Elay (Oz) and Luke (Liverpool), and I rented a van containing a bed and a kitchen to roam around the island. We were able to stop along the way as we fancied.


The landscapes were beautiful, and the lakes were magnificent. There’s a huge contrast with the neighboring Australia as this country is simply green and mountainous. Even its people are different.


The New Zealanders have always been compared to their neighbor. However, just purely from interactions, they seem to be much more open and welcoming – my favorite!



Feb. - Jul. 2012

Did you know...

- Since the English and Maori versions of the Waitangi Treaty differ in crucial places, it has never been quite clear what it says.

- Sheep outnumber humans in New Zealand by a ratio of about 13 to one.

- The first sheep in New Zealand arrived with Captain James Cook in 1773.

- In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to give votes to women but they did not have the right to stand for parliament until 1919.

- In 2009, a tuatara in New Zealand named

Henry become a father for the first time at the age of 111. A tuatara is a species of reptile with no ears.

- Dutch explorer Abel Tasman gave New Zealand its name after the Netherlands province Zeeland.


Old school baby!
Mont Cook
The van man!
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