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Winter Warmth

It was my second trip to Slovenia, since the country has charmed me the first time. 

A friend from Ljubljana has arranged for me to spend most of my time with a family in the countryside. They owned a farm that reared sheep for their fur, and intended to expand their stable. In return for designing and building their stable, I was provided with free accommodation and meals. 

Although it was relatively dry, waking up each morning at 5:30am was difficult. The experience lasted for 3 weeks in an atmosphere of family warmth, which reminded me of my own childhood when I'd visit my grandparents in the country.

That January, the sheep had a dry, new home. And one lamb was christened in my name.

June, Dec. 2010


Did you know...

- Slovene, the official language of Slovenia, is a South Slavic language with around 40 different dialects.


- Over 70% of Slovenians can speak at least 2 languages, while 40% can speak 3.


- Slovenia joined the EU and Nato in 2004, and the eurozone in 2007.


- Slovenia has over 7,000 km of marked mountain trails, with 165 mountain huts and shelters.


- The official symbol of Ljubljana is the dragon which was said to have been slayed by Jason (of Jason and the Argonauts).


- The Lipizzaner horse stud, Lipica, was established in 1580 by the Austrian Archduke Karl II.


- Old Vine in Maribor is over 400 years old and the oldest vine in the world. It still bears between 35 and 55 kilos of red grapes annually from which wine is produced.


- Postojna Cave, part of Slovenia’s Karst region, is the most-visited cave in Europe. It has a network of 20 km of passages, galleries and chambers.

Lipizzan Horses, Lipica
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