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Can they?


Visiting the United States is almost like a tour of the world. There is everything we can find – natural landscapes, cultural diversity and also opinions.


It was October 2008, and just before the presidential elections in November. The temperature was running high.

I met a couple actively campaigning for Team Obama. I shared with them the opinion in the majority of Europe for the past 8 years during the reign of Bush. The majority of people I met also shared the perspectives of the Europeans and are eager to turn the page and move on. Obama seemed extremely determined by his ideas and desire to change, and has literally infused the same belief in all his countymen.


But that would be an unopposed America.


Facing the Washington Monument, I tried to capture the obelisk and flags from the best angle in my photo. A man then tells me his pride everytime he sees his national flag in the air which represents, according to him, the brave gentlemen who fought to allow this country to exist and thrive in a climate of democracy. However, he is afraid of the future, where his country’s policy may be too lax or simply a decline in his country’s power at both national and international levels.


Such are the different views and arguments that forced me to simply listen and observe until the verdict of the polls.

September 2008



Did you know...

1.Ronald Regan is the oldest person ever to have been elected as the President of USA. He has also lived longer than any former President. 
2.The first ever coast-to-coast telephone line in USA was set up in 1914.
3.Some of Mahatma Gandhi's ashes are at Lake Shrine, Pacific Palisades close to Los Angeles. 
4.Known famously as Typhoid Mary, Mary Mallon was the first carrier of typhoid fever in USA.
5.The author of Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key, was a lawyer. 
6.John Tyler was the first US President to have got married while in office. 
7.Martin Luther King Jr. and his father were both named Michael. When King Jr. was 5 years old both their names were changed to Martin. 
8.The real name of General Ulysses S Grant was Hiram. 
9.President James Garfield came up with an original proof of Pythagorean Theorem that was published in 1876. 
10.548,000 people were killed in a flu epidemic in 1918. 
11.Jimmy Carter was the first US President born in a hospital. 
12.The American Girl Guides are also known as Girl Scouts. 
13.President William H Taft was appointed the Chief Justice of Supreme Court 9 years after his Presidency by the then President Harding. 
14.In 1914 the workers of Ford Company used to receive $5 per day. 
15.No star on US' flag specifically represents any state. There are actually no laws that state as to how they may be arranged. 
16.American Indians received US citizenship after steps taken by the national government in 1924. 
17.USA was officially born on 4th July 1776 but it did not become one single entity till 1788 recognized first by Morocco. 
18.An African-American scientist named George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. 
19.Martin van Buren is the first America born President of USA. 
20.The first US space station Skylab fell into earth in 1979 in thousands of parts. 
21.Harry Truman is the only US President of 20th century who did not have college education. 
22.Northeastern US, and Canada, experienced snowfall and cold during the summer months in 1816, which is also known as the Year without Summer. A volcanic eruption in Dutch East Indies was blamed for this phenomenon. 
23.The inventor of lubricator, Elijah McCoy, was an African American and used the name Real McCoy to differentiate himself from imitators.

24.During the War of 1812 the first rockets were used by the British against Fort McHenry. 
25.The Liberty Bell had been cast in London and came to US in 1752. 
26.USA had captured Mexico City in 1847. 
27.Edgar Allen Poe served as an army cadet at West Point.
28.Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams passed away on July 4, 1826, 50 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. 
29.Phillus Wheatly, an African female slave, was the first poet in USA to achieve notoriety. Her first poem was published in 13. 
30.Roger Sherman is the only shoemaker to have signed the Declaration of Independence. 
31.Benjamin Franklin composed his epitaph at 22 years of age. 
32.The first official concert of Rolling Stones in USA was held in June 1964 in San Bernardino, California. 
33.Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across Atlantic Ocean both as a passenger and solo pilot. 
34.George Washington commanded the first ever navy fleet of USA. Created in 1775 the fleet had 4 ships. 
35.During the American Civil War most soldiers died from various diseases than fighting or gunshots. 
36.Mark Twain was born and died on days when the Halley's Comet could be seen. 
37.In 1954 General Motors became the first American company to have a net income of $1 billion. 
38.US dollar bills are made from cotton and linen. 
39.During 1971 cigarette advertisements were barred from US television. 
40.People in US contribute almost 20% of the yearly global garbage generation. 
41.The 100th anniversary of swearing in of George Washington, 30th April 1889, was the first holiday celebrated across USA. 
42.The Declaration of Independence was written on paper made from marijuana or hemp. 
43.John F Kennedy is the only President to have passed away before his parents. 
44.The brother of John Wilkes Booth once saved Abraham Lincoln's son's life. 
45.Lake Mead is the biggest man made lake in US and has been created by Hoover Dam. 
46.Almost 55.1% of prisoners in US are in captivity for drug related offenses. 
47.Every bank in USA remained closed from 5th to 12th March 1933 so that scared people did not take their money out. 
48.Juneau is the largest city in USA at 3000 square miles. 
49.US had no income tax before 1913. The 16th Amendment was necessary so that government had control over people's money. 
50.USA is almost the 4th biggest country in the world in terms of area.

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