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Visages - 2 years around the world


After living the last 2 years out of my backpack and meeting some wonderful people all around 25 countries, I made this travel video to thank all of you guys for the exceptional moments we spent together. You made my trips possible, inspiring and fun!


One Day in Seoul 


This is a summary of my day roaming around Seoul, created with the help of Junno, a local film director.



Moving from place to place in the city, we started at the quiet riverbank, then moved into Gangnam, Yeongdeungpo, Mapo, Hapjeong, Myeong-dong, the Namdaemun market, Hyundai, and then ended the day clubbing in Itaewon.


The video is also a narration of my journey on a bike around Korea, from the quietness and safety in the country to the noisy, crazy and even dangerous traffic in the city. If you ever decide to cycle in Seoul or Busan, stick to the cycling paths for an enjoyable journey.


Feel free to comment and share. Also available on HD and surround sound on your home theater system!!




When the japanese are amazed, they usually release a uuuhhh or a aaanhh. So once my friend Naoko hited the window's car cable it gave this!

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